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Compensation for Blinded Veterans

Provided to you by the BLINDED VETERANS ASSOCIATION AUXILIARY of Alexandria, VA, the spouse's guide contains a large amount of information pertaining to the compensation that the government offers to wounded veterans. Assistance for blind veterans is available; you just have to know how to find it.

Compensation is different from pension in some important respects. Compensation is linked to some injury, illness, or lingering effects of being in the military. In the case of Dependency Indemnity Compensation (D.I.C.), the original eligibility is linked to a veteran's compensation entitlements. There is more on D.I.C. in a later section of the booklet.

The pension is linked to a veteran's disability (not related to military service), limited income, and a veteran having been in the military during a wartime situation. The nature of military conflicts and wartime service needs to be researched in the post-Vietnam era. Your local regional office can clarify who qualifies as a wartime veteran.

In simplest terms, the VA pays compensation for some injury, illness, or lingering effect caused by being in the military. The clearest example of this is a battlefield injury. When a person is wounded and loses their eyesight, it will never be fixed. The VA pays compensation to these soldiers on a monthly basis.

To learn more about compensation, we encourage you to read section two of the spouse's guide.