2017 Health Care Benefits Overview

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Paying for Schooling & Training

Let the government help pay for your higher education. In addition to providing assistance for blind veterans, the government has the Dependent's Educational Assistance Program that gives spouses and children monthly stipends for school and training. Based in Alexandria, VA, the BLINDED VETERANS ASSOCIATION AUXILIARY has compiled information about how to apply, who is eligible, and what you are entitled to. In the fourth section of our spouse's guide, we go into great detail about these topics and more.

Spouses Are Eligible for:

• College
• Junior College
• Normal School
• Professional School
• Technical Institutes
• Other Institutions That Function at the Secondary School Level
• Receiving a High School Diploma
• Remedial or Refresher Training
• Apprenticeship Programs
• On-the-Job Training
• Apprenticeship & Farm Cooperative Training

A person in college full time would draw a monthly stipend. Even more significant is the fact that you can concurrently draw D.I.C. and other pension or compensation. This greatly enhances dollar amounts.

A person cannot just decide to go to college and use these benefits. They must make an appointment with RO and establish eligibility. Then they must present an education plan. The best approach is to make contact with RO early and go through the steps of developing and getting approval of an education plan.