2017 Health Care Benefits Overview

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Health Care for Soldiers

Veterans are entitled to receive health insurance. At the BLINDED VETERANS ASSOCIATION AUXILIARY in Alexandria, VA, we have compiled information you need to apply and qualify for assistance for blind veterans, such as:

• Tricare • CHAMPVA • Medicare • Medicaid • VA Health Care

Information Found in Our Booklet

• For services payable by Tricare and Medicare, Tricare will be the second payer.
• For services payable by Tricare, but not Medicare, Tricare will pay and you pay an annual deductible and cost share.
• For services payable by Medicare, but not Tricare, Medicare pays as usual, and Tricare pays nothing.
• For services not payable by Medicare or Tricare, you are responsible for the cost.
• Medicare considers Tricare a recognized provider of prescription medications. This means that if a veteran decides to enroll in a private plan, in the future, there is no penalty.
• Tricare has a dental plan, but costs vary according to the area of the country that you live in. You need to check the details with a Tricare Dental representative.
• A spouse can be enrolled in Tricare for Life and the retired veteran not enrolled in Tricare for Life.
• Tricare
 for Life excluded enrollment in other HMOs. A person needs to carefully look at the pros and cons of this system. Tricare has guidelines on what it will and will not pay for.

To learn more about the various health insurance options available, please read section three of the spouse's guide to benefits.