2017 Health Care Benefits Overview

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The Booklet About Your Assistance Options

In order to offer better assistance for blind veterans, the BLINDED VETERANS ASSOCIATION AUXILIARY gives free access to a guide book for veteran spouses. Our Alexandria, VA, branch is a dedicated to give these servicemen the support and guidance they need.

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The Guide Book

This booklet was prepared in conjunction with the VIST program, which serves visually impaired veterans. You should be able to reach a VIST coordinator at your nearest VA medical facility.

In 2010, there were some landmark changes in VA benefits. The most notable involved the benefits for caregivers of very severely injured veterans. There is no reason not to ask for assistance.

In the last 10 years, benefits have become increasingly complicated. Instead of getting shorter, each year this book seems to be getting longer. For some of our veterans and spouses, the VA is only one area of concern. There are also benefits from the Department of Defense and Social Security. Unfortunately, there is no one spot where you can go to for information on all of these benefits and how they interact.

An Introduction

Section one covers a lot of basic information that family members need, such as commonly used abbreviations, state benefits, benefits for care providers, and more. Any veteran, or family member of a veteran, can get assistance from a Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Office.

Each state has benefits for veterans. The benefits differ from state to state and e ach state has a website that includes veteran benefits.