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Welcome to the National
Blinded Veterans Association Auxiliary


The BVA Auxiliary is a group comprised of the family members and friends of veterans blinded during the line of duty with a branch of the United States Armed Forces. Our mission is to support these men, women, and families in any way we can—from securing health insurance to paying for education. Call now for more information.

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Military Family

Supporting Those Who Fought For Us

Our American veterans serve honorably and pay high prices for our continued freedom—including the loss of sight. Today, many of these blinded veterans have banded together to found The Blinded Veterans Association, a community of blinded veterans helping each other. Some of these veterans were blinded as a direct result of military duty, while others have slowly lost their sight after their military service due to an accident, an illness, a hereditary condition, or an age-related condition. Regardless of the cause, BVA Auxiliary is here to help.

About Us

As an auxiliary to the Blinded Veterans Association, we exist to support the organization in all their endeavors. Our network extends to all 50 states and Puerto Rico, meaning there's always someone near to support you. Every day, we work hard to offer assistance to blinded veterans and their families at all our locations across the country. Contact us today to learn more about an auxiliary group near you.


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