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Mother & Daughter

BVA Auxiliary — Spouses' Guide

The spouses of veterans have a unique set of circumstances and challenges that they must deal with. In order to support these men and women, we offer a free guidebook covering all the available assistance options for veterans' spouses. Additionally, Section 1 of this booklet explains the basic information you need, such as common abbreviations, state benefits, care provider benefits, and much more.

The Spouses' Guide was prepared in conjunction with the VIST program, which also services visually impaired veterans. Contact us today to learn how you can access this important resource, or reach out to a VIST coordinator at your nearest VA medical facility.

We are working to make up a list for resources. Please stand by for us to update. 


Navigating VA Benefits

It's crucial to know that all veterans and their family members can receive assistance from a regional office of the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, it's not always easy to navigate these benefits, as they can differ from state to state.

In 2010, there were landmark changes in VA benefits, the most notable involving benefits for caregivers of severely injured veterans. These changes mean that there is no reason not to ask for help. Since then, benefits have become increasingly complicated. And matters are further complicated when veterans and spouses are seeking benefits from other organizations, such as the Department of Defense and Social Security. Our Spouses' Guide will help you understand all of these changes and the best path forward. Contact us today for more information.