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Important Considerations for Veterans

The BVA Auxiliary is here to help blinded veterans from all walks of life dealing with a wide range of circumstances. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about assistance for blinded veterans. We're here to provide the answers you need.

Our Guidebook

The final section of our Spouses' Guide includes information and special considerations for veterans and their spouses. Topics include:

  • Prescriptions & Commissaries
  • Noncompetitive Federal Employment
  • Divorce
  • Bigamy
  • Lost Pension or Compensation Checks
  • Widow's Income Tax
  • Point Preference in Government Employment

If Your Veteran Passes Away

In the year of the veteran's death, the spouse and veteran will be considered married for the entire year. If the spouse does not remarry in that tax year, there is the option to file a joint return and claim exemptions for both.

The surviving spouse may be entitled to certain benefits that enable him or her to compute taxes using the tax rate schedule under the same heading as married taxpayers filing joint returns and certain widows and widowers. This results in the potential for substantial tax savings.