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Health Insurance for Veterans

All veterans, including those who have lost their sight, are entitled to health insurance. We're here to help them understand all their options. Section 3 of our Spouses' Guide contains valuable information about health insurance for veterans, including:

  • Tricare
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • VA Health Care

Tricare & Medicare

The following are important details that all blinded veterans and their families should be aware of regarding their health insurance.
For services payable by Tricare and Medicare — Tricare will be the second payer.

  • For services payable by Tricare but not Medicare — Tricare will pay, and you pay an annual deductible and cost-share.
  • For services payable by Medicare but not Tricare — Medicare pays as usual, and Tricare pays nothing.
  • For services not payable by Medicare or Tricare — You are responsible for the cost.
Veteran Visiting a Doctor

Medicare considers Tricare a recognized provider of prescription medications. This means that there is no penalty if a veteran decides to enroll in a private plan in the future.

Tricare has a dental plan, but costs vary according to the area of the country where you live. A Tricare Dental representative can provide you with more details.

A spouse can be enrolled in Tricare for Life without the retired veteran needing to be enrolled.

Tricare for Life excludes enrollment in other HMOs. A person must carefully look at the pros and cons of this system to understand Tricare's guidelines about what it will and won't pay for.